Monday, 27 October 2008

All is great! Aiden has long ago started school and now me and him are on half term holidays! Aiden loves school and his best friends are "Miss Kerby" and "Miss Baker". His favourite things at school are playing in the sandpit and painting pictures. He tells us a lot about Miss Kerby telling him off and telling him to be quite. This is probably down to the fact that he is not shy and he doesn't miss his mum at school like other kids so it makes him stand out from the other kids. Anyway Aiden is good and has a new obsession for "Pirates of the Carribean" and wont stop humming a song from it and saying phrases from it ( which is obviously driving us all insane ).

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Goodbye Jasmin


On the way to the airport, we stopped at "The Keg" for dinner. Jasmin had another steak, medium. Sara left early with Daniel to get ready for his hockey playoff game. The rest of us had ice cream for dessert, with chocolate or butterscotch sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry.

We then caught up with Sara and Daniel for a bit of the hockey game, which Daniel's team won, thanks in part to the two goals that he scored. Jasmin and I didn't see the end of the game as we had to leave for the airport.

The Air Transat mascot entertained the children in the check-in line.

Sara, Daniel, and Stephanie caught up with us after I got Jasmin checked-in.

This is Jasmin waiting for her Air Transat escort to show up.

Stephanie already misses Jasmin and didn't want her to go. I'd have kept her myself, but "big Stephanie" already told me I couldn't.

Bye Jasmin. It was great having you visit.

Here are some of the things Jasmin got to do:
- Daniel's hockey games
- Dirty Dancing
- Niagara Falls by plane
- CN Tower and glass floor
- Canada's Wonderland
- Wild Water Kingdom
- Niagara Falls by car
- Make and decorate a cake
- Wasaga Beach (world's longest fresh-water beach)
- Da Paolo Tratoria (Italian restaurant)
- Build and fly a model rocket
- Canoe down the Grand river
- Historic steam train (although it was diesel/electric that day)
- Ontario Science Centre
- Shopping
- Bicycling in Brampton
- Toronto waterfront bike ride (18 km)
- Pioneer Village
- Downey's Farm
- Mandarin Chinese Buffet
- Wong's Chinese Buffet
- Watch DVDs (The 6th Sense, The Dead Zone, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3, Phenomenon)
- Five-pin bowling
- Painting

Here are some of the things Jasmin got to eat:
- Poutine
- Blueberry Pie
- Square Hamburgers
- Ice Cream
- Waffles with Ice Cream
- Pancakes with Syrup
- Gourmet Pizza
- Shirley Temple
- Funnel Cake
- Steak (Medium)

16th Day In Canada

This is us looking at the forks of the credit river. After we had a game of Pooh Sticks and I won! Yay! Go me!

This is a square hamburger that we had at Wendy's and I got extra salad as Daniel gave me his.

This is us outside the Pioneer Village where they didn't use any electricity.

This is us outside and old post office and right next to it they had a shop which sold Vanilla Fudge.

This is me carrying yoke which they used to carry water before. At the Pioneer village we went to an old printing shop and I brought three printed black and white photo's for a dollar.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

15th Day in Canada

This is the breakfast we had this morning. Once again me and Stephanie had raisin bran but this time Daniel had rice crispies.

This is me and Laura making pie. I made a Coconut cream pie and Laura made a Lemon Mirange pie.

This is me painting the sky of my painting that I made at Gran and Pa's

This is Gran showing me what to do as I get confused.

This is me finishing of the gate of my snowy painting.

This is Laura Painting her fantastic painting which is so good I envy how good hers is.

This is us eating burgers and hotdogs but not together some of us had a hotdog and some of us had a burger.

This is us having a fizzy drink or 'pop' as they say.

This is us eating more ice-cream after a long bike ride.

This is me, Daniel and Stephanie playing in the park.

This is me after some coconut cream pie and yes you guessed even more ice-cream.

Hi mum and Boaty Grandad I see there has been some competition between you to as to what happened to Pa, your ideas were terrific, however I am afraid to announce that Pa was simply trying to fix the lights and unfortunately his arm got stuck. Sorry to spoil the fun but that is all that happened.

Friday, 15 August 2008

14th Day In Canada

This is us outside flapjacks only to them a flapjack is a pancake that has a fruity filling.

This is us eating breakfast which was was really delish.

This is us about to go and see a movie about Mars at the science centre.

This is Stephanie with her hair sticking up when she touches the silver ball.

This is us eating even more ice-cream.

This is me, Daniel and Stephanie with Christina.

This is me eating a delicious home made raspberry pie.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

13th Day In Canada

Many of you complained that I didn't show this photo so here it is, this is Pa with his arm stuck behind a couch.

This is us starting the day with some cereal. Me and Stephanie had Raisin Bran and Daniel had Frosted Flakes.

This us shopping for a picnic. Ooh, so many things to choose from.

This is us making a sea turtle but the sun got in my eyes so it made me look blind in this photo.

This is us in the pool and if you look at Daniel it looks like he's about to creep up and scare us.

This is us eating Lunch me and Stephanie had mini cold uncooked pizza whilst Daniel had Nacho's with a nice cheese sauce.

This is us sitting next to Daniel's fort which he was very concerned about when we went and sat near it.

This is Sara taking loads of pictures of us plaing about and getting very sandy.

This is me burying Stephanie as she complained that she was dying a painful death.

This is the pond we made but it soon turned into a mud bath/footspa.

This is us getting splashed by the waves.

This is us having Ben and Jerry's ice-cream. Me and Daniel had cookie dough and Stephanie had some berry sorbet.

This is me and Daniel sticking our head in the board and then me and Stephanie.

Then we had funnel cakes with icing sugar......

....Then even more ice-cream.

These are some of the tacky souvenire shops that I tried to find something for a very special person to give to another very unlucky person.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

12th Day In Canada

This is is me, Daniel and Stephanie messing about as we waited for Laura to come.

This is Stephanie after going down the kiddie slide but later we found out she could go on any of the slides as she just over the minimun height you had to be.

This is Laura on a slide but this wasn't the scariest one the scariest one was called the Cliff which just goes straight down at a verticle angle but after you slide on it you have to sort out your swimming costume as you get a massive wedgie going down it.

This is me going down the same slide as Laura which was quite fun.

This is Daniel going down the corkscrew which sort of twists and turns and you are actually supposed to lie down but Daniel was being a rebel and sat up.

This is me coming out of the Midnight Express which is so cool as you sit in an inflatable ring and you go down a slide in the dark. The best way to go down this slide is backwards as you can't see where your going or what you are doing.

This all of us but unfortunately Doug couldn't get in as he was taking the picture. In this picture if you look close enough I think Daniels lips are blue and Stephanie's hugging up to Sarah as she is so cold.

This is me wearing my souvenire T-shirt and my soaking wet hair.

This is me looking at my new Canadian moose in a very cute red jumper with a maple leaf on the back of it.